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Cortnie begins her Master's in Education

This is my "First Week of School" photo. I say first week because, in all honesty, I have been too swamped to post a First Day photo.

A few months back I announced that I was accepted to University College London (UCL) for their Education and International Development MA program. I promised to tell you more about the reasons behind me getting my MA and why UCL.

UCL's Institute of Education has been ranked 1st in the world for its Education programs. They have a host of amazing researchers and leaders in the field of Education, Migration, and Displacement. Many of my professors have done amazing research into areas that we've been working for several years (including after-school programs in Cambodia and Taiwan, and how to give high-quality education to refugees and displaced peoples in emergencies).

"I want to bring hope through education."

It was my dream to attend such a prestigious university, so back in January at the start of the new year, I applied with an inkling of hope that I might walk the halls and learn from those who have devoted their lives to the outcast and marginalized. And I was notified of my acceptance to UCL in May.

This week I have begun my journey to complete my MA in one year, that’s right, ONE YEAR. Am I crazy? Maybe... Am I certain that this is what God has for me? Absolutely.

I want to bring hope through Education, something we have already been doing since 2009 in our TESOL training program with YWAM. I want to work in research and international development so that I can consult organizations and governments in bringing Education to people displaced by war and violence. I want to advocate for their right to Education and pursuit of opportunity; I don’t want to see generations forgotten without a hope and a future.

So, would you pray for me and the fam? It is a giant step for all of us. It is one that has a costly price, not just financially but in time and relationships. Together, we are going after our passions as a family and are willing to risk it all to bring hope to those who need it most.

Stay tuned for updates about the research and outreaches that we will be doing as a family as I finish these studies in 2021.


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