• Cortnie Brooks

One Nation in One Generation

Life would change for all Cambodians in April of 1975 as Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge swept through Phnom Penh and other cities vacating everyone who lived there. Forced from their houses and taking the little they could carry, every person became a refugee exiled from their home.

Throughout the four-year-long brutal reign of the Khmer Rouge, over 2 million of the country's population was murdered. Everyone who resembled a threat to the regime was killed; those who were educated, wore glasses, professionals, or working for the previous government. Anyone not ethnically Khmer was imprisoned in labor camps or murdered; many people living in the camps endured severe famine and succumbed to starvation as they worked grueling hours supplying food for Pol Pot's soldiers.

After the Khmer Rouge government was defeated through a violent battle, the people of Cambodia retraced their old steps to familial homes or refugee camps. They began to rebuild from the rubble a new society free from the tyranny of cruel men. Left with the younger generation as elders in the society, Cambodia faced an uphill struggle to regain what was lost.

Today, 80% of the population of Cambodia is under 30 years old. A generation striving to revive their nation; a generation of dreamers who want to change the world. YWAM Cambodia is raising up Khmer leaders to be influential across the country with the belief that THIS generation of Cambodians will be the ones to transform their nation with Jesus's leading.

Through Education and discipleship many people have come to know Jesus's love for them. Education is one of the ways that YWAM Battambang has given opportunity to Khmer youth. The Youth Development Center has had over 20,000 young people come through their doors for English classes and other training. That means that over 20,000 people have heard of Jesus and his love for them.

We believe that God is increasing his family through educational opportunities. That is why we are going to train more Khmer teachers so that the family can keep growing exponentially.

Will you partner with us? Together, we can transform the world.

One person, One classroom, One nation — One generation at a time.

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