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The Summer of 2021

Teaching Without Borders

A map showing the various places our teachers serve and reside

Our latest TESOL course began in June, we have around 50 people from 15 different countries working on becoming professional teachers. It has been amazing to watch God bring people to the TESOL program this year.

Andy has been working on building the learning platform and multiple websites that our students engage with during their learning. Hundreds of hours have been spent in preparation for the course and thousands more will be spent over the year as we mentor our teachers throughout their learning journey.

For more info on our course go to:

Learning Without Bounds

A 4am webinar on teacher well-being hosted by the INEE

Cortnie has almost finished her year-long master’s program at University College London. As many of you know, she has been completing her degree in Education and International Development over the last year.

During this time, we have been able to connect with leaders in the field of Education and Development. Cortnie has helped facilitate online discussions focused on Education in Crisis and Teacher Well-being. Through her learning, we have been able to incorporate additional aspects of Teaching and Learning into our TESOL courses that help our teachers to excel in their classrooms.

She will be focusing on her dissertation this Fall, the last remaining research needed to graduate.

A sneak peek into our Summer

Click to download a PDF of our newsletter here:

Summer 2021 Newsletter
Download PDF • 24.10MB


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